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Lake Depth Survey Blog
Lots of interesting posts about the evolution of a boat used the survey the depth of lakes. He used the Ardupilot and V1.0 software, but modified it for a his boat.

Discussion regarding sailboat application

Didn’t entirely understand the conversation, but it regards drift compensation.

Required components for a Boat

User Jim Covert asks about the components need for a boat project. Chris Anderson points out the that he’ll want to use Ardupilot 1.0 which lacks stabilization control. A boat doesn’t really need that feature.

Another lake survey project

Detailed description of boat building process and application of an Arudino Duomilanove for controlling the boat.

Boat navigation with ArduPilot

User Tony K. asks about the components needed to pilot a sailboat. Chris Anderson Give some direction on what is specifically needed and some specifics about GPS parameters.

Two-way Telemetry

User Peter Ho appears to be using ArduPilot on a boat and wants to change waypoints while en-route. Chris Anderson points out that two-way is available on the ArduPilot Mega.

Everything you need for ArduPilot Boat

AP for Sailing Vessel

andrew was starting a project for a auto pilot for a sailboat. He focussed on the magnetic compass. He demonstrated a working tilt compensation compass details here.

AUOOSB Open Ocean Sailboat Project…

Michael King Put up a community page at to work toward building an autonomous sailboat. The site appears to have put on hold by NING but I believe I contacted Michael about reactivating it.

PID Tuning…

Michael King Post on how to tune your PID settings for each craft. Not specific to boats, but PID tuning did cause Harald Molle a lot of grief in his boat project.


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