Sensors ordered from Seeedstudio

Just placed an order from a china based Arduino supplier Seeedstudio. If the name means something I haven’t figured it out yet…
  • I’ll use the UNO to test and work out the code.
  • The Photo interrupter is a photogate that I hope to use to build a paddlewheel type speedometer.
  • The Photo Reflective Sensor will be used for the Anemometer (hand drawn design to follow).
  • I’m going to attach the piezo sensor (vibration sensor) to a tell tale and glue one to each side of the main sail. That will (hopefully) tell me if I have laminar flow across each side of my sail.

1 x Arduino UNO (ARD132D2P) = $29.90

1 x Bread board Clear – 8.2 x 5.3cm (STR101C2M) = $5.50
2 x Piezo Sensor – MiniSense 100 (SEN127A3M) = $5.70
Manual Data Sheet

3 x Photo interrupter (OS25B10) (SEN129A3B) = $4.50
Data Sheet
3 x Photo Reflective Sensor (SEN130A3B) = $6.00

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