Photogate with 5ft of Servo Wire

Its been quite a while since I last posted to Arduskipper. The project is still alive. I have been busy building a 3ft sailboat as a platform for the project.

The anemometer will be mounted on the top of the mast. The mast is about 5ft tall. So I put 5ft of servo wire between the breadboard and the arduino to see if the added resistance would change the readings from my photogate sensor. IT CHANGED! A LOT!
A phototransistor plugged into the analog input will give readings of 0-1023. If you plug it into the Arduino’s digital input the break point between on/off is around 400. With the sensor plugged directly into the arduino using a 10K ohm resister I was getting ON values of 900 and OFF values of 100. With the 5ft of extra wire that added quite a bit of resistance so I put a 470k ohm resistor in parallel with the 10k ohm resistor to get the same on-900 off-100 analog values.

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